The price of our botanicals is totally driven by the board size. There are a couple design elements involved. The sizes are the cut mounting boards, and does not include the width of the frame.  Wedding botanicals have size minimums.  The smallest first wedding botanical is 14" x 16".  $950. This is for a flower garden layout.   The 16" x 18 wedding Flower Garden layout and the Invite layout or the Bouquet layouts are all $1250. We are happy to make smaller wedding botanicals, after either the 14" x 16" or a 16" x 18" is commissioned. And, of course, we are happy to make pieces larger.

 Call your interior designer or us for all other sizes and prices.


9" X 12"          $400

12" X 14"          $800

12" X 16"          $850

14" X 16"          $950

16" x 18"           $1250