How do we do begin the process, pay and get our flowers to you?

CONTACT US TO BEGIN:  Contact us by phone, email, or text to discuss your botanical.  You will select your board size, color, frame and layout of the botanical you want.  There are minimum sizes for wedding botanicals.  Either you ship us your flowers, or we use some we have previously pressed for this purpose.  Once we get your flowers, we photograph each layer of flowers as they go in the presses.  In a few weeks, they will be dried and ready for draft layout.  We will create a couple draft layouts on the board color and size you have selected.  We will have the frame you have selected constructed and ready. 

IF YOUR PROJECT IS A WEDDING BOTANICAL:  KEEP YOUR BOUQUET or FLOWERS IN WATER UNTIL READY TO SHIP. OR IF A BOUTONNIERE IN THE REFRIGERATOR. If your project is a wedding botanical that will need a wedding stamp, pls make sure we have the bride and groom first names, date of wedding, location of ceremony, and city and state of service.  When we have agreed on the right layout, we secure the plants to the board, stamp in sepia the plant name, or the wedding stamp, the Sweetgrass Botanicals logo stamp, and each is sighed by the artist, Sara Edi Boyd.

We will need the address where the completed botanical is to be shipped. 

Please do not ship a wedding bouquet without talking with us first.  


Most important thing about shipping flowers to us?  iIn the shipping box, No water, moisture, no spritzing, bubblewrap or plastic in the box.  Anything that would cause sweating inside the box will turn your petals.  And, can even rot them before they arrive.  Just have your shipper put kraft paper or peanuts in the bottom of the box, pop your flowers in upside down, full around the stems, tape it up, and overnight to us.   Do NOT require a signature, and have email tracking sent to Sara@SweetgrassBotanicals.com  Make sure we have coordinated so I can let you know whether to ship to us in Winston Salem, or Mt Pleasant.


519 Arbor Road    Winston Salem, NC 27104


1130 Monaco Drive     Mt Pleasant, SC 29464



Venmo, or include a check with the flowers in the box.  If you are purchasing a ready to ship botanical, you can also pay through our website. 

We require payment in full at the time we receive the flowers or the order.  Your payment includes your botanical, the frame, insurance and shipping anywhere in the continental US at whatever address you have provided to Sweetgrass Botanicals.  If the finished/framed botanical is insured for $500 or more, or is a wedding botanical, a direct signature will be required for shipping.  

Please make checks to: Sweetgrass Botanicals

will they fade?

Does it matter where I hang the botanical?  What can I expect in the years to come. 

This is a great question.  Plants are organic, not like bricks or concrete that do not change.  Our botanicals will fade a bit over time, however, if you hang them away from direct sun or moisture, helps them maintain their color for many years. And, actually, the way botanicals age, is part of their beauty.