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Sara Edi Boyd has been working with plants and ornamental flowers for over 30 years.  She began her journey with Lady Bird Johnson, planting wildflowers along highways.   As a landscape architect, she created parks in Kauai, Hawaii, breathtaking private gardens, bike path and trails in Colorado, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, and in Kauai.  

In 2009, she began pressing, preserving and framing plants of all kinds and wedding wildflowers.  In the years since, we have pressed and framed many wedding bouquets, garden flowers and plants.  Many interior designers commission work from us, and many gardeners have us press flowers from their yards.  

She and Barry have six sons, three of hers, three of his.  She has degrees from Clemson in English & Reading Education, & from the University of Georgia in Landscape Architecture.  Sara Edi and Barry live part time in Charleston & part time in Winston Salem.